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Graduate Program of Mathematics for Innovation (GPMI)

What is the GPMI ?

The “Graduate Program of Mathematics for Innovation (GPMI)” is a degree program that was adopted by MEXT as WISE Program (Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education) in 2020.

The GPMI aims to foster outstanding mathematical talents, who can co-create in various fields by utilizing their mathematical modeling skills and lead innovations, across organizational and disciplinary boundaries based on their international excellent mathematical skills and statistical skills.

In this program, we will foster talents with the following five abilities through the cooperation and collaboration of the Graduate School of Mathematics (Department of Mathematics), the Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering (Department of Information Science and Technology, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering), and the Graduate School of Economics (Department of Economic Engineering): (1) high and flexible “mathematical ability,” (2) “statistical ability” which is essential for data handling, (3) “modeling ability” to recognize the essence of complex issues and formulate mathematical models, (4) “co-creation ability” to collaborate with researchers in other fields and to co-create and (5) “emergence ability” to lead innovations by integrating the above four abilities.

Purpose of program

The two most important objectives of this program are as follows.

  • We will promote and lead the innovation of graduate schools not only in our university but also in Japan by establishing and developing a five-year cross-disciplinary degree program which combines a master’s course and a doctoral course.
  • The program will contribute to the development and leading of the world society and industry by drawing out the potential of industrial mathematics in Japan and by contributing to the enhancement of the quality and quantity of mathematics doctoral talents who can co-create with other fields.

-Program Management System

 1.General Meeting
  This meeting consists of program members and is for sharing information and exchanging opinions on educational content and methods to ensure the appropriate and smooth implementation of the program.

 2.Global Advisory Board
  The board consists of experts from outside the university, including foreign nationals and business people, and aims to give opinions or proposals regarding the contents and methods of education of our program from an international point of view.

Board MembersAffiliationsPositionsFields
Jos StamNVIDIASenior Research Scientist          Computer Graphics
Jonathan, New YorkPrincipal Research ScientistStatistics
Naoki AbeT. J. Watson Research Center,
IBM Research      
Distinguished Research ScientistComputational and Statistical Learning, Foundations of Trusted AI
Satoshi Hamaguchi  Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science,
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
ProfessorPlasma Physics
Alessandra MichelettiUniversità degli Studi di Milano, ItalyAssociate Professor Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Morphology and Big Data Applications 

Message from Program Management Team

Message from the President of Kyushu UniversityNurturing Excellent Doctoral Talents in Mathematics

With the aim to create and develop “New interdisciplinary fields,” Kyushu University has built a framework for a Cross-Disciplinary Integrated Masters-Doctoral Program called the “Da Vinci Program,” and the Graduate Program of Mathematics for innovation is the first and leading pilot program. In this program, we will nurture “Excellent Doctoral Talents in Mathematics” who can develop new interdisciplinary fields and create innovation by making full use of the “Modelling ability” based on excellent “Mathematical ability,” and “Co-creation ability” that can cross the boundaries of organizations and fields. In addition, through this most important graduate school program at Kyushu University, we will “promote and lead graduate school reform in Japan” and “develop and lead the world society and industry by drawing out the potential of industrial mathematics.”

President, ISHIBASHI Tatsuro

MessageInnovation through Mathematics!

In today’s world artificial intelligence and data science are advancing day by day, and mathematics and statistics are attracting more and more attention as theoretical foundations to support and further develop these technologies. Regrettably, every few of our experts are currently exercising their mathematical skills in industry or other scientific areas to solve society and humanity’s problems. At Kyushu University, armed with our successful experience in mathematical research and education, we aim to nurture doctors in mathematics who can flourish in a variety of fields with support from academic staffs in various areas including social sciences. Please do join us and become an innovative mathematician that society is looking for!

Professor, Institute of Mathematics for industry, Kyushu University
Program Coordinator SAEKI Osamu

Promotion Videos

*Audio is in Japanese only.

Introduction Video (Released in August 2021)
Promotion Video(Released in August 2023)

Program Members

 *Information as of April 2024.

Cooperative Institutions

-Kyushu University

Graduate School of MathematicsFaculty of Medical Sciences
Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering (ISEE)Kyushu University Hospital
Graduate School of EconomicsFaculty of Law
Institute of Mathematics for Industry (IMI)Faculty of Design
Research Institute for Information TechnologyFaculty of Engineering
Pan-Omics Data Driven Innovation Research CenterFaculty of Agriculture
Faculty of ScienceResearch Institute for Applied Mechanics
Faculty of Arts and ScienceMedical Institute of Bioregulation

-Domestic Institutions

Institute of Statistical MathematicsNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

-Overseas Universities

University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignNational Taiwan Normal University
University of California, San DiegoLeiden University
La Trobe UniversityZuse Institute Berlin (ZIB)
National University of Singapore

-Domestic Companies

Fujitsu Research, FujitsuSumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Mazda Motor CorporationNippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)


Itoshima City